Secrets to Reducing Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is now in the spot light as a major contributor to many of today’s most debilitating conditions. Diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, allergies and many autoimmune conditions are all products of chronic inflammation in the body. The unfortunate reality is that most of these conditions are treated by methods that only take away the symptoms and do not address the cause.
So where does chronic inflammation typically start and why is it at the root of so many conditions?
Inflammation typically starts in the gut with an autoimmune reaction to foreign substances penetrating the intestinal lining. The degree of permeability in the gut is highly sensitive to many hormonal changes in the body, such as cortisol, which is a stress hormone that is constantly high for many Americans that lead taxing lifestyles. Many of us also eat highly inflammatory foods such as processed foods, commercial meats, and farmed fish. These foods are inflammatory because they contain linoleic acid, which is converted into arachadonic acid in the body and then into prostaglandin E2 – an eicosanoid associated with pain.
When we eat inflammatory foods in an overstressed state, we give toxins, bacteria, and undigested foods an invitation to pass through the intestinal wall into the blood stream and force our immune system to work around the clock. With the immune system constantly under pressure, it becomes overused, and the body responds with more inflammation to help with the fight. This viscous cycle can result in achy joints, foggy brain, fatigue, organ damage, and any number of other serious conditions.
Fortunately, there are many ways to assist the body to reduce its inflammatory markers and help it heal from the inside out.
Chiropractic Care
Not only does chiropractic care help the body heal itself by allowing the nervous system to operate at its most optimal capacity, it also will help diminish several inflammatory cytokines helping reduce inflammation all over the body. In a study of 21 participants with lower back pain, 9 chiropractic treatments were shown to normalize several inflammatory mediators, namely IL-6 and CRP. No other forms of treatment were administered during the testing period. Our team of chiropractors at the Symmetry Health Centers in Alameda and Oakland have helped thousands eliminate pain and reduce inflammation.
Black Currant Seed Oil
Contains the essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).
  • Encourages proper eicosanoid synthesis
  • Supports the body’s normal tissue repair process
  • Supports normal blood flow
  • Supports healthy immune system function*
Boswellia Complex
The Boswellia component is standardized to contain 180 mg of Boswellia acids per tablet, and the Turmeric component contains 70.4 mg of curcuminoids per tablet. These and other compounds within Boswellia Complex work together to:
  • support the normal function of the kidneys
  • maintain and support healthy joints
  • support healthy circulation
  • provide antioxidant activity*
Diet, Exercise, Rest and Hydration
Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats and trans fats, as well as foods with a high glycemic index. A Mediterranean-style diet that incorporates olive oil, fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grains is thought to act as a natural anti-inflammatory. A good diet helps to maintain a healthy body weight. It is recommended to avoid or limit alcohol, tobacco, sugar and refined carbs.
Regular Exercise keeps your body moving and joints lubricated, your muscles toned and your energy level high. Those who exercise regularly are more likely to heal faster from injuries and less likely to develop chronic inflammation.
Several studies have shown that sleep deprivation can have an impact on inflammation and even increase it. A study in 2006 concluded that sleep loss alters molecular processes that drive cellular immune activation and induce inflammatory cytokines,2 which in turn can increase pain.
Water is an essential element to maintaining the body’s proper function. In fact, there are many benefits associated with drinking water aside from the basic need to stay hydrated. Water can help optimize energy throughout the day by nourishing your cells, keep the discs of the spine hydrated and even help modulate your calorie intake. It is also thought to help reduce chronic inflammation by reducing acidosis and keeping the body’s PH level in balance.
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