Think Fast! Reaction Time & Upping Your Game

Softball Nelson College vs Taieri College, Marlborough 25/03/2014
Think Fast! Your reaction time plays a major role in your day to day life and in helping you improve your game, no matter what that game may be.

Responding quickly is crucial in many daily scenarios; driving a car, catching your keys, stopping a fall. But you may not realize that your reaction time can also help you up your game.

Think about your favorite sporting activity. Maybe it’s golf with your buddies or a community softball league. In both of these sports, timing is everything! The swing of your club or dive to catch a line-drive relies upon how quickly you react.

Study after study shows that regular chiropractic care not only keeps your spine healthy, but it actually improves your reaction time!

15% Better

A study out of New Zealand compared reaction times of persons receiving cervical adjustments with those who did not. It turns out that people receiving adjustments improved their reaction time by 15% compared to those who were only given rest and not chiropractic care, whose times improved by 8%.

15% can make a huge difference when the margin for error in many sports are fractions of a second! But this was only a short term study over one day, what does it look like when someone receives chiropractic care on an ongoing basis?

Even Better!

A second study followed two groups of athletes, with 25 people in each group, for six weeks! One of the groups received regular chiropractic care, while the other group went about their normal training routines without chiropractic.

At the end of 6 weeks the difference was clear! The group receiving chiropractic care improved their reaction times by 18%, while the non-adjusted group’s improvement was less than 1%!

Consider This

Consider how an 18% improvement in your reaction time could help you to up your game. Timing your swing or making the split second movement that lets you steal second. Improve your athletic performance and your love of the game with chiropractic.

A healthy spine and a nervous system communicating at 100%, 100% of the time means that you can be the best you, with the best reaction time, all of the time.

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