Is Your Mattress Sabotaging Your Spine?

So many times after beginning Chiropractic care we find sleep is an issue for the patients healing. If your not sleeping well then your body isn’t healing well. Our brain and body performs 70% of their regenerative and restorative process during sleep. So this is where your mattress can play a huge roll in your overall health.

If you can’t remember how long you have had your mattress, it’s time for a new one! And if your mattress was in your parents home before yours then it’s definitely time for a new one!

If you feel like Goldielocks every time you go shopping for a mattress you’re not alone. It’s an important decision and one that effects 7-8 hours of your life every single day. So take this purchase seriously. Save money on a car or TV but don’t skimp on your mattress.

We get asked regularly what we recommend so here are some suggestions. Personally we have a Tempurpedic brand mattress which we LOVE!! Everyone in our family, parents, brother, sister-in-laws family…everyone has a Tempurpedic mattress and swear by them! And most of them are Chiropractors so I think that says a lot.

What we like about the Tempurpedic is that is truly keeps your spine, hips and shoulders in the best alignment possible while sleeping. Even if you are a wild, rolling, topsy turvy sleeper, this mattress supports your joints and alignment incredibly well. The rumors that you get too hot with this brand has never been an issue for us or anyone we know who uses them.  There are many styles within the Tempurpedic line so depending on what you like you have several options. But even the most basic, original Tempurpedic is amazing!

Another one we recommend is Sleep Number beds. They’re completely adjustable to your comfort level for support which is nice as our body’s needs change. We always recommend going more firm than soft with any mattress as it provides better alignment and support.

We hope you sleep tight….


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