Chiropractic from Birth!

The birth process is pretty stressful for the newborn and the mom. The most normal vaginal birth method is to rotate the newborns head 180 degrees to the right and the left as they pull the baby from the pelvis. This can cause a lot of strain on their first vertebrae (atlas) during the birth process. Especially if any further methods such as forcepts, vacuum or C-section are performed.

The atlas (C1) provides protection around the brainstem and upper nervous system. It is critical that there is no misalignment causing pressure in this area of their spine. Many times symptoms such as difficulty getting the infant to breast feed on either side, colic, ear infections, hard or few bowel movements, spitting up, difficulty sleeping or even sickness are a result of subluxation (nerve pressure) at their C1 vertebrae.

It takes a tiny, gentle and specific adjustment to correct the alignment in their spine and allow them to heal. Infants’ bodies are remarkable and so pure that they respond immediately. Innate intelligence is what created them.¬†¬†Chiropractic alllows that innate intelligence to continue to flow helping them develop into healthy, vibrant children without¬†unnecessary drugs and side effects.

What an incredible start for a new life to be expressed fully! This is where true prevention happens.

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