Is Your Cell Phone Hurting You?

This is a big topic and new information has been released.

They can now prove that cellphones cause an increase in brain activity due to radiation in the area closest to the phone even when using for less than one hour. Obviously when you can see stimulation in the brain repeatedly, as many of us talk on our phones several times per day, this can lead to damaging consequences. There is no direct link yet to cancer but anytime you prove our bodies are reacting to radiation then there are cells being affected. I know we aren’t all going to immediately get rid of our cell phones but there are some smart things we can do to limit their harmful affect.

1. Use headphones/ear buds when on the phone for more than 10 min.

2. Switch ears when talking on the phone (stimulating different areas)

3. Don’t use the phone if your signal is weak.

4. Keep your phone at least 5 feet away from you while your sleeping.

5. Limit use if under the age of 20. Brain tissue isn’t fully developed and more susceptible to the radiation emitted.

Please check out the Dr. Oz show where he features this controversial topic!

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