Who is Advanced Wellness Center?

This week we celebrate our 8th anniversary, so I think it’s only fitting to write about us! Eight years has gone in a flash but I see so many faces when I think of those great years so far.

When we first opened our office, starting from scratch, we knew we were different. We went around to many local practices and found everyone to be so beat-up by the system and negative. Chiropractors and MD’s constantly complaining about insurance, their patients, their hours and how people just won’t follow their recommendations. We decided it didn’t have to be this way. Granted, we knew we were a little green but we also knew there are too many amazing people in this area who need and want great leaders in health care. Eight years later our office is proof of that idea. It’s been a journey and took several steps to get us to this point.

Our technique: Becoming advanced proficiency certified in the Activator technique was our first step towards our goal. The technique allows us to care for infants, athletes, pregnant moms and older patients easier because of the gentle adjustment. Also the analysis and specificity was important to us in helping people reach their health goals.

Secondly, we knew we wanted to be great educators. People can’t make better choices without knowing how and why. So we joined a great group of Chiropractors who had a vision to change the health of our world. They gave us the tools to communicate our knowledge to you so we can all work together to create change. Chiropractic had been seen as just “back pain relief” for so many years. Chiropractors knew the true secret was taking care of your spine and nervous system over the course of your life that made the difference but they were too scared to tell their patients. Many were afraid they wouldn’t get paid by insurance anymore. Well guess what, that happened anyways and people still needed our help. We have to take a stand for what we know is the truth. So we that’s what we have been doing ever since.

Now, we are constantly inspired by all of you. We have the best practice I know because of you:) You push us to constantly learn more, do more and take Chiropractic to the next level. Just like this blog. Some of you wanted more information so here we are, and I love it!

Just remember that our bodies and minds are powerful and amazing. We all have innate intelligence which guides our lives and allows us to be healthy, inspired, unique human beings. Our passion for Chiropractic comes from seeing how it works in your lives everyday. Removing interference in the mind-body connection truly allows your innate to create the life you invision. Just as we created a wellness practice, not managed by insurance companies or the system, you can create your dream. Even when you’ve been told it’s impossible.

Thank you all for making our dream come true and we look forward to growing our vision in the years to come.

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