Fluoride is a Silent Killer!

Despite those sparkly white teeth commercials, fluoride is actually hurting us! Americans have the highest levels of fluoride and we are feeling the effects. Fluoride is flat out bad for us. Research and information regarding the harmful effects of fluoride have been out for 50 years yet we still keep getting it.

Fluoride is used as an insecticide and a roach killer. Even at the level they use to fluoridate your public water supply, usually at the rate of about 1 part fluoride for every million parts of water (1 ppm) by weight, it causes severe problems. As little as one-tenth of an ounce of fluoride will cause death. It is more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic. No one will die from drinking one glass of fluoridated water, but it is the long term chronic effects of drinking fluoridated water that affects health. You know like getting it in our water, soil and toothpaste over our entire lifetime.

The yucky truth is fluoride is an industrial waste product, a by-product of the aluminum industry and the phosphate fertilizer companies who have mountains of fluoride that is polluting the ground water. They have to get rid of it, and the old solution to pollution is dilution – just put it in the drinking water. Lovely right?

Now for toothpaste, unless it says on the package does not contain fluoride, you are using fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoridated toothpaste contains 1,000 ppm fluoride. There is enough fluoride at 1,000 to 1,500 parts per million to kill a small child if they consume the entire tube. And “they” makes us believe our kids need fluoride for healthy teeth! Money.

The funny but not so funny part is it actually damages our teeth over time. Dental fluorosis is one of the earlier signs of fluoride poisoning, appearing in mild cases as a chalky area on the tooth, and in more advanced cases, teeth become yellow brown or black and the tips break off. Just the look your going for, right?

Fluoride not only can affect a slew of chronic diseases such as eczema, allergies, birth defects, kidney disease, diabetes and hypothyroidism but it even affects the DNA repair mechanism. It actually gets into the cell and causes the DNA to destabilize which causes uncontrolled cell growth. That’s right, according to the Consumer Health Organization of Canada “A few minor modifications will give you first a tumour, and secondly an invasive tumour or cancer. So fluoride has the ability to actually cause the cancer. We have a marvelous system of repair and rejuvenation. Even if we go out in the sun, even if we have a lesion by fluoride itself, we have what is called a DNA repair enzyme system. So any lesion caused by the sun or ultra-violet light will be repaired.”  They also add “The unfortunate thing is that one part per million fluoride, the amount of fluoride that they use in the public water system, depresses the DNA repair system by 50%. So they have attacked us on the first defense of damage to our genetic material. Since people can get cancer from so many different causes, fluoride is just increasing our chances of getting cancer.”

So what’s the answer?

*Start by cleaning out your old toothpaste and replace it with “Fluoride free” toothpastes. We use “Jason’s” and love it. Becareful because many of them say “natural toothpaste” but still contain fluoride, like Toms for example.

*Secondly, buy reverse-osmosis filtered water.

*Lastly, you can buy inexpensive filters that screw onto your faucets for showers and baths so your not absorbing so much into the skin as well.

These few changes can at least help limit the massive amounts of fluoride we are getting from several sources and allow our body’s to heal and repair the way they are designed.  

Oh and by the way, I haven’t had a new cavity since we stopped using fluoride 10 years ago:)

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