Dr. Oz loves Chiropractic!

Yay for Chiropractic! I was excited to see an informative, positive explanation and demonstration of Chiropractic on the Dr. Oz show. Obviously Dr. Oz has a great Chiropractor who had educated him well. He later in the show shares that he strongly recommends Chiropractic care for wellness and prevention. I know this is great for Chiropractic as many people need to hear it from an MD and especially Dr. Oz who has such an amazing platform of notability. I am also so proud of the Doctor who demonstrated the adjustment on the show (even though Activator is better:). He gave a wonderful but short and to the point explanation of nerve interference. I was surprised at how little the Chiropractor really had to say because Dr. Oz explained it pretty extensively! So now if your friends ask about Chiropractic you can also say Oprah and Dr. Oz love it!! Watch a clip of the show here and send it to your friends!



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